The 70th  Annual

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We've been planning a special event for this massive anniversary and we hope that you will bring your family to help celebrate OUR family!

Doors open at 11 AM on July 16th at Southern WV Community & Technical College in Saulsville, WV. As usual, our program will include a potluck lunch at 1PM followed by a memorial service for those family members we've lost since we last gathered, discussions of family history and activities for the kids. So bring a dish to share with the group join us for all the fun! 

Please forward this to your family members. Bring your family and have your own reunion within our family reunion! We always welcome it if you have pictures to show or family recipes to share. Whether you're a regular, haven't been there in a while or have never been before, there has never been a better time to join us! 
It's not just our anniversary!
The church built by our family, Milam Methodist Church in McGraws is turning 70 as well! Our McGraw Reunion started as a "picnic on the ground" to celebrate the completion of the new church building in 1953. The history of our family, our reunion and our church are inseparably intertwined and we have a few ways to celebrate that as well! For those who wish join, Milam Methodist Church will be having a special Reunion Day Sunday Service at 10 AM on July 16th. Everyone is welcome to attend and you will have plenty of time to make it to the Reunion afterwards.
Saturday Events
As an option for those who are interested, we are planning some optional Saturday events to help us mark our 70th Reunion. At 1 PM on Saturday the 15th, meet us at Southern WV Community College in Saulsville and we will travel together (in you own car) to Pine Grove Baptist Church in Ravencliff, WV, to visit the cemetery where John & Mahala as well as several of their children, grandchildren and their spouses are laid to rest. After some exploration and discussion there, we will then travel to McGraws where we will be able to visit the smaller McGraw Family cemetery where more family members are laid to rest. We will cap the day's events by stopping in to our family's Milam Methodist Church for some additional family history, some church history and a small reception.

Because the Saturday events are optional add-ons for those interested, we ask that you please RSVP to let us know you plan to join so that we can get a rough headcount and know who to expect before we kick off our tour on Saturday. As usual, no RSVP is needed for our Sunday Reunion.

It's time for a Reunion 70 Years in the making!

We've got Shirts!
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ALWAYS the Third Sunday in July!

July 16 , 2023 -