Many people have asked if we were going to hold what would be our 67th Annual McGraw Reunion this July. This has been a hard question to answer. We are carrying on a tradition that has been unbroken by it previous caretakers, but at the same time our foremost concern is for the attendees who are our family and friends. Our government has asked us as a society to curtail any unnecessary gatherings and to observe social distancing. While we cherish the tradition that is ours to protect, we feel that in order to protect it we must also protect our family. One of the things we do each year is present an award to the oldest McGraw descendant in attendance. How could we in good conscience expect those who are at the most risk, or any of our family, to possibly endanger themselves? So, where does that leave us?

After much soul searching we feel the most responsible solution is to not have our usual in-person reunion this year. That being said, we do feel that we need to do something to continue the tradition and to not break the streak - to do that we need your help!

This year,
we plan to have a Virtual McGraw Reunion. What is that? What does that mean? We are going to take advantage of our website, our Facebook page and our online blog page to try to bring you all together on the third Sunday in July.  So mark your calendars for July 19, 2020, for an entirely different experience!!!

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ALWAYS the Third Sunday in July!

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July 19, 2020 -

The 67th  Annual