New Photos from the Oregon McGraws!

These photos were posted to our Face Book page by another of our Oregon Cousins, DeeAnn Drake. DeeAnn is a GG Granddaughter of John & Mahala (John> Lewis (Bum)> Lillian Olivia (McElroy)> Glenn> DeeAnn). 

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Photos from HErk McGraw


More Oregon Photos. . .

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From the past. . .

Herk says he will be sharing more. Thanks, Herk!

The 70th  Annual

These photos were sent to us by Kimberlee Sue (McGraw) Junker. She is a GG Granddaughter of John & Mahala via Lewis (Bum) who moved to and settled in Oregon (John>Lewis (Bum)>Virgil Lewis>John Marshall>Kimberlee). Her Father, John Marshall was one of Virgil & Beulah's 14 children. She is interested in hearing from other Oregon McGraws, contact us with your information if you'd like to connect with her.