We asked you for ideas to spice up interest in the reunion, and quite a few of you said that it would be nice to have reunion t-shirts. Well, we listened. . .  and then we went one step farther!

​Welcome to Kerns Grocery! Many of you who are from the McGraws area may remember that for many years Ed and Galena Kerns owned a grocery and supply company in McGraws. It was located in the curve beside the Post Office, which was convenient as Galena was the Postmaster of McGraws, too! Galena was the daughter of H.G. McGraw and granddaughter of John & Mahala.

Ed & Galena could get just about anything you needed, and because of that (and to keep just a little piece of history alive) we have called our online store Kerns Grocery! While we may not have ice cold Coca-Cola, we do have several shirts that will allow you to show your McGraw Pride. We have a McGraw Reunion Shirt with John and Mahala's Family Tree on the back; we have a John McGraw Grade School shirt; the "Greetings from McGraws, WV" shirt and many more!

Check out all of our designs below, or go to our virtual store at


The 71st  Annual

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These would make great gifts for family members! Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries - or just because!

If you have suggestions for new items, let us know!

Welcome to Kerns Grocery!

In Beautiful Downtown McGraws!

​Here's the fine print (there are quite a few attorneys in the family who insist): 

​We are using Zazzle, an online vendor to offer these shirts. We using them because: 1) They offer a quality product, 2) it allows us to offer you options as to size and in some cases color, 3) they take care of the entire transaction and offer these shirts at no cost to us, and 4) Zazzle offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your shirt for any reason, you may return it to Zazzle for replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt. For more information about the satisfaction guarantee go to www.zazzle.com/returns

Zazzle makes these shirts as they are ordered and ship them directly to you. Because each shirt is custom printed, the price is a little higher than something you might find at Wal-Mart. We investigated several companies and these had the best balance of price and quality.

We don't take your order, we don't take your payment, we don't make your shirt, we don't ship your shirt, we never see your shirt. We don't know anything about your order and will not be able to help you with your order in any way whatsoever. We do not have access to any of your credit card information. We do not have any shirts that we can sell directly to you, all sales are through the Zazzle web site. We do not have any discounts available to give you, if we want a shirt we have to buy it from them at the same price as you. When you make a purchase you are doing business with Zazzle, not us, so all problems with/questions about your order must be directed to Zazzle. 

Zazzle requires us to charge a 'royalty' on each shirt we sell. We are charging the minimum amount allowed by Zazzle, 5%. This means that on each sale of a regular size shirt at $23.95 we earn about $1.20. All royalties we earn on the shirts will be donated to the Milam United Methodist Church. You can show your community pride, and feel good knowing that you're also helping to support the church that our family helped build.