The 70th  Annual

Your voluntary donation will go to covering the expense for the repairs charged by the monument company. You can donate via credit card or PayPal using the button above or by scanning the QR code below with your phone.

Any amount is appreciated. We are being charged a fee to cover the online donations, and you will be presented an option to cover that fee in your donation so that we get the full benefit of your gift.

You can also mail a donation by check, payable to The McGraw Reunion:

The McGraw Reunion Headstone Fund

PO Box 60

McGraws, WV 25875

It's been better than a century since these monuments to our grandparents were installed and time has taken it's toll on them. Along with the headstone for their daughter Virginia. We discussed at our last McGraw Reunion how they were in danger and this spring Mahala's headstone indeed toppled over. 

We began working with a monument company after last year's reunion and we've finally gotten a quote for the work. $1,272.00 including tax to level and restack the monuments. The photo below will give you an idea how bad things were before Mahala's fell.

Help us pay for repairs to John & Mahala's Headstones.